Come, build your community on IamHere

Discover Each Other

Communities can be built only when members know each other. IamHere has location-based interest-based discovery of members through Avatars, where you control your privacy.


Communities often have a need to collaborate within sub-groups. This is why we built Circles. You can define your circles and interact over posts and comments within your circles.

Host Events

Communities need to meet up and so IamHere provides the ability to host events for people to sign up. We are launching payments soon so you can even ticket your events.

Buy & Sell

There is a lot to exchange within communities, not just ideas. One of us may be a baker, a textile trader, we may have used books, car or furniture to sell. IamHere Marketplace will help you with exactly this.

Store Quick Info

Very often, we have a need to access some quick info. Could be plumber for a society, could be food menu for a club, could be doctor for a business park. IamHere communities have a dedicated bulletin space just for this.


As an admin, you will want to moderate content. Well, IamHere already has an engine to flag inappropriate content. You will want to manage your members, the circles, the Avatar categories, privacy. We have got all of it for you.

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