What are IamHere communities?

Communities are groups of people who share common interests, goals, or characteristics and interact with each other to achieve shared objectives, support each other, and build relationships. You can create a community for your own Association, Club, Residential Society, College, Workplace or “Business Park”. Every community has map-based discovery of members and wall-based interactions along with other features such as chats, buy & sell, events, jobs, news, recommendations, etc.

How can I join a community?

You can search and join the community by tapping the Community drop down on the top of the home page. Each community has a community moderator who can allow join requests or invite you to the community by sharing the community link.

Can I create my own community?

There are pre-existing communities but if the community you are looking for is not on the list then you can send a request to IamHere admin, and we will create a community for you. We are also working to let you create communities on your own.

What admin permissions will the moderator have?

Community admins will have member moderation, content moderation and soon, ability to customize communities for Circles, Avatar categories, Join Form and Privacy along with other details like name, profile picture, etc. Right now, the moderation is available to you on the app interface, while the customization is provided by our backend team.