What is a Community?

A Community is a group for people to interact. It provides an interest-based wall of posts, it has a map-based discovery of people and it offers features to buy & sell, host events, post jobs, news, and recommendations. The default community that people join when they register on the app is their Neighbourhood. Users can (create and) join other communities such as Association, Club, College, Workplace, Business Park or Residential Society, based on their need and interest. Communities can be public or private based on content visibility permission for the rest of IamHere users.

What is a Circle?

Circle is an interest-based sub-group within communities. Neighbourhood communities have circles like Arts & Culture, Food & Drinks, Sports, etc. while for other communities, this can be customized by the community admin. While communities can be public or private, circles within communities can also be made public or private depending on visibility permission of the community members.

What is an Avatar?

An Avatar is your identity for your hobby, interest, profession or business that people can use to discover and connect with you. You could be a footballer, accountant and a cafe owner all at the same time through a single Avatar or through different Avatars, as you choose. All interactions on IamHere are through Avatars, so you have complete control over the information you want to share. For example, your personal Avatar can mask the address or phone number, while your business Avatar can have them enabled.

What details of mine are visible to others?

Your user profile is not visible to others, only your Avatars are. Your Avatar displays the information you have entered at the time of Avatar creation (e.g. name, location, phone). You can choose to hide/show your phone number, full address and a bunch of other information based on your community and based on your Avatar within that community.

How do I post a story?

You can create a post by using the “Create” button on the bottom bar of the Community wall. A story can be either an image, text or video. Text stories are used to start a discussion or ask a question while image and video stories share content. We recommend you to create an Avatar before creating a story, so people can discover and connect with you easily.

Can I post a story without joining a circle in a community?

Yes, neighbourhood circles are open circles. You can post a story in any open circle without joining it as long as you stick to the interest of the circle. You may not be able to create a story within a closed circle of a community if the circle permissions do not allow you to post unless you join the circle.

What can I search?

You can search for people, businesses or NGOs on the map. You can also search for posts, marketplace, events, jobs, news and recommendations based on their content or the creator.

Can I chat with or call people?

Yes, you can chat with Avatars by sending them a chat request. The other side can block you if they find something inappropriate. When many users start blocking, you may be blacklisted on the app. You can call if the Avatar has phone number visibility enabled. 

Are posts moderated?

Neighbourhood communities are moderated through an artificial intelligence engine that flags inappropriate content. Public or Private communities created by users are moderated by the admin. In addition to this, users can also make use of the Report feature in Posts, Avatars and Communities.