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Connect to People for Hobbies & Interests near you

“I want to play badminton but I don’t have a partner”

“I want to create new music but I don’t have a band”

“All my friends are in Timbaktoo, I don’t have anyone to go with on weekend treks”

“I am new to the city, I don’t have a group here to do anything”

We have heard these laments too often to ignore, haven’t we? Could be for badminton, could be to jam over a rainy evening, but the need to connect to People in our neighbourhood is real. While we are connected to our friends and family through numerous social media channels, we often don’t know people in our neighbourhood who share a similar interest.

Months of ideation to connect a person to people, in the neighbourhood, led to the genesis of IamHere. While we were ideating, we realized that privacy is critical to initiate interactions between unknown individuals. So, we wanted to allow you to connect through Avatars that mask your personal details.

We didn’t want to stop there. While we helped you connect to a badminton partner, we also wanted you to go out and find the closest badminton court which you could book. With our AI-powered hyperlocal discovery engine, you can now not only connect to people but also to local establishments and businesses.

We are working hard to link you to like-minded individuals in your neighbourhood with the hope that together we can make our neighbourhoods better for all of us!PREVIOUS POST