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Interact in your Communities in a whole new way

“Is there someone who sells homemade food in my society?”

“Is there a blockchain expert in my company?”

“Is someone from my college network around?”

“Whatsapp groups are too spammy”

Have you thought about this for your community? Well, we thought about it too! And we created IamHere Circles for you. While the neighbourhood circles for pets, fitness, art, photography, etc. are open circles, we have closed circles to make interactions within your groups safe, secure and restricted.

When we made IamHere Circles, we were clear with one thing. That we will not be another Whatsapp Group. Or perhaps another Facebook Group. While Whatsapp Groups are great for small group interactions, larger groups tend to overflow with useless messages, many times important messages getting lost in the deluge. While Facebook Groups worked without this trouble, they were not necessarily helping people self-discover each other. What is a neighbourhood group if it does not enable self-discovery of like-minded people who could engage doing activities together?

With IamHere Circles enabling location-based discovery of people within your closed communities, we can help you find a blockchain expert in your company as well as a car pooling buddy.

Come, be part of IamHere Circles, we are helping people connect in a whole new way!