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IamHere is winning for its Innovation in Disrupting Hyperlocal

IamHere recently received two prestigious awards: “Best Hyperlocal Marketing Platform 2023” at the Global Business Summit and “Technology Innovation in Hyperlocal Communities” at the Times Business Awards. These honours recognize IamHere’s consistent delivery of marketing campaigns for local businesses and its disruptive approach to community interactions.

IamHere’s technology platform brings individuals together based on location, transforming the way people connect in neighborhoods and communities. Users can share stories, ask questions, post recommendations, and collaborate. Businesses can promote, build marketplaces, and engage customers. With geotagged data points, IamHere seamlessly bridges real-life community interactions with the digital world.

IamHere has made a significant impact on local businesses. We have increased footfall in cafes by 20-25% within three months and doubled daily enquiries for fitness centres and car clinics within six months. We consistently help real estate builders, construction companies, and interior solution providers acquire new customers.

IamHere also connects NGOs with nearby donors and volunteers. We have collaborated with organizations like Goonj and Project Mumbai for collection drives. Recently, we hosted the GivingTuesday India Generosity Run, enabling participants to virtually run, log their activity, and donate to NGOs.

IamHere’s success showcases India’s technological innovation. As a leading indigenous social network, IamHere’s cutting-edge platform, impact on local businesses, and community connections set us apart globally. IamHere’s innovative approach to hyperlocal communities by revolutionizing community interactions and delivering results for local businesses, IamHere has established itself as a standout player. With our ongoing impact and potential for global expansion, IamHere is poised to disrupt the hyperlocal market and leave a lasting impression.