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Discover Events & Causes in your neighbourhood

“Is there a painting workshop happening nearby?”

“I want to give back to the society, where do I begin?

“Engaging children during the weekend is a pain, is there a show I can take them to?”

“I want to throw a party for my neighbourhood, how do I let people know?”

Water, water everywhere, not a drop to drink. Events, events everywhere, not that I know. Hasn’t that happened to all of us? We wanted to make event discovery and joining simple. We wanted to make event hosting and its promotions simple as well. Most audience in any social event are from the neighbourhood. So we decided to put events on the map and show interesting ones near you. We partnered with a lot of event organizers to get you events that you always wanted to attend.

Some of those event organizers happen to be NGOs who are working to make the lives of people better, our neighbourhoods better, our country better. We know that some of you want to go the extra mile to make the difference you wanted to make. So, we got NGOs in your neighbourhood mapped as well. Today, we host the largest aggregation of verified NGOs in the country.

Next time you are dreading a boring weekend or you are wanting to host an event yourself, you know where to come, don’t you? At IamHere, we are solving all your neighbourhood needs!