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Find Professionals near you in the moment of your need

“Is there a photographer nearby who can click my birthday celebration pictures?”

“I am a singer, how do I start music classes for my neighbourhood?”

“My tap is leaking, can I get a plumber right now”

“My tyre is flat, where is the nearest mechanic?”

How often have we come across a need to find a professional near us – at our home, on the road, in our office, but our word of mouth failed us? While we were exploring mapping the neighbourhood through hobbies and interests, the need to get professionals on the app came up strongly. Not only are we in the look out for professionals near us all the time, many of us are hobbyists and can transform ourselves into semi-professionals too. How many times have we turned a photographer for a birthday celebration at our home? Many of us have perfected it as well. Why not use it to benefit our neighbourhood? May be we could make some quick bucks too.

So we decided to get professionals and businesses on to the app and were surprised to see what our users were able to do with it. Some of them started selling cakes, some of them discovered co-founders for their startups, some of them formed their movie making gangs, and there were a lot of them who found utility providers near them, within minutes. When we see them posting stories about their experiences on the app, we feel happy.

We wouldn’t mind more happiness. Come, discover fellow professionals, semi-professionals and amateurs near you. We are redefining the way you have looked at your neighbourhood!